Culling a Clue about Kids from our Carolina Crackpots

In North Carolina, right wing politicians are experts in scaring & mobilizing their base. And one of their most effective tools for this is: kids.

Especially kids being “threatened,” whether the threat is real or imaginary.
They used images of  “threatened” kids to pass a same sex marriage ban; used them again to try to save their transphobic bathroom law. Etc.
(They’re probably planning to use “threatened” kids again in some nasty new way for the next election.)
Very effective campaign tactics, I can’t deny it.

Which come back to mind every time I consider this heinous craziness with kids at the border.
Wouldn’t somebody in that batsh*t crazy crowd around the White House have realized –ahead of time– that this plan would blow up on them? That it would produce thousands of heart-rending images of kids under threat? That it could even upset some evangelicals?
Evidently not. In fact, their anti-immigrant inside guru, Stephen Miller bragged to the Atlantic just the other day that this plan was a guaranteed political winner. They quote him as saying:
“You have one party that’s in favor of open borders, and you have one party that wants to secure the border. And all day long the American people are going to side with the party that wants to secure the border. And not by a little bit. Not 55–45. 60–40. 70–30. 80–20. I’m talking 90–10 on that.”
Maybe he knows something I don’t know. After all, Miller’s in the White (supremacy) House, and I’m just a geezer in —
                                                                           — well, I AM in North Carolina.
So maybe even in my flyover bumpkin-ness, I’ve managed to get a clue about this. And here it is: video and audio of kids being threatened en masse, fenced in, ripped from the care of their parents, are scary. And heart-tugging. Especially when their reality is attested by the pope, Ted Cruz, hundreds of fighting mad Methodists, and even
Graham: “It’s disgraceful.”
  — but no, I didn’t see this coming– NC’s Fountain of Fevered Foolishness, Franklin Graham.
Which means it’s scary for practically everybody.
And if I’m right about this, then the furor over the caged kids isn’t going to disappear soon. All those kids, even the babes in arms, have legs.
And so, I think, does this wave of national shame.
Let’s hope the blowback does too.

2 thoughts on “Culling a Clue about Kids from our Carolina Crackpots”

  1. Don’t dismiss the “bathroom issue”. As First Day School teachers we are legally responsible for the safety of children in our care, and we are “mandated reporters” of abuse or potential abuse. In our Religious Ed Committee meetings over the last year we have had extensive and intensive discussions of how to insure the safety of children and also be welcoming to “trans” Friends.

    When the “trans” Friend has completed the transition it is not so much of an issue but early in the process when the physiology and intimate parts have not yet been altered, and his/her appearance is still substantially that of his/her birth identification, it can be hard to tell the difference between someone who genuinely identifies as the gender for that restroom and someone who is there when they should not be.

    Friends are loathe to embarrass or hurt anyone by confronting such a person in that situation no matter how gently we might try to do it. And yes, it is none of our business
    which restroom a trans might choose, but if we are wrong in our assessment and it is a non-trans person who is there inappropriately and someone comes to harm, we are legally liable!

    Our Meeting has not been able to convert the bathrooms to gender neutral or family bathrooms. We have posted signs on the doors of the women’s and men’s bathrooms saying we invited all to use the bathroom that most closely matches their gender identification. But it still leaves us First Day School teachers with a potentially embarrassing situation or even open to legal action by a trans who feels insulted as well as being legally liable to the judicial system if in our own confusion someone is harmed by a predatory person. (NO I do NOT think that trans people or lesbians or gays are any more likely than heterosexual people to fall into that category! )

    But bathrooms are very personal issues and do present some legal delimmas.

  2. You said in the lead in that the executive order doesn’t really protect the kids as advertised, but this post didn’t expand on that – can you?

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