Dems on the Offense! A Compelling TV ad for reproductive rights

California Dem. Congressman Eric Swalwell  is  throwing down hard in his competitive re-election campaign. His new TV ad is a shocker:

Lock Her Up Ad- Swalwell

It’s titled “Lock Her Up!” (Hint : it’s NOT about Hillary)

Look it over. It’s 90 seconds you won’t forget.

You may want to pass it on.

And you may want to pass it on:

Swalwell ad click here

4 thoughts on “Dems on the Offense! A Compelling TV ad for reproductive rights”

  1. Democrats are barking up the wrong tree by running on the issue of abortion. If they want to win they need to address the economy and inflation. Those are the issues driving voters according the to polls.

    1. I think it a mistake to underestimate the extent to which women who are concerned about reproductive rights will come out and vote. Look at Kansas for an example. Fear is a powerful motivator. As to the economy, agreed that inflation is a serious problem, but just complaining about it, not offering actual policy solutions, is unlikely to impress that many people.

  2. Just like the other side, another political ad that builds fase fear. There is no legislation that calls for locking up women who have had an abortion.

    1. Actually not only is their legislation on the books or proposed, that will do just that in several states, women are being tried for having had miscarriages. in OK. I believe that there are two recent cases.

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