Even More Great Quaker Turnover: Jobs Across The Pond

Yes, hardly is one post about the Great Quaker Turnover done and posted, than more openings arrive.

I’m not trying to be an employment agency here; but them who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Quaker-UN-Office-LogoThe big one here it’s the Quaker UN Office in Geneva that’s looking for a Director, based in Geneva. If you go for hobnobbing with diplomats, this is the place. And the pay is big: about 140,000 Swiss francs per year, which at current exchange rates is over $120K (tho I hear Geneva is an expensive town to live in).

Details are at the Quaker UN Office site.

woodbrooke-study-centerBut that’s not all. Woodbrooke, the Quaker center (err, centre) in Birmingham, is looking for two tutors and a fundraiser for its Quaker Study Centre and graduate degree program.

Normally the Brits think they have these gigs all sewn up; are there any hard-charging young US Quaker intellectuals ready to give them a tumble?
Details at Woodbrooke’s site.

It continues!
Great Quaker Turnover

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