Finally: The TRUTH About “Louie Louie” & The FBI


The FBI vs “Louie Louie” (or, more accurately, “Louie – Looo-Eye”):
I’m taking this as a true story unless and until says otherwise.

Intrepid G-man conducting undercover surveillance in the dangerous days of the early ’60s . . . . Note that he is, as always, wearing a tie.

It’s just like Hoover’s FBI in its glory days to waste time looking for obscenity where it wasn’t.
And BTW, this report includes the “true, actual, official” lyrics to the iconic  song, so a generation of us can go to our rest no longer obsessing over what the words to “Louie Louie” really were.

Given my advanced age, I for one am grateful.

But to read the actual lyrics, you gotta go to the story itself.

Not that there’s anything unprintable (unbloggable?) in them, honest. But there are some colorful 4-letter words  repeated here from various livid, dirty-minded listeners who wrote to the FBI insisting that those words WERE in the lyrics, rotting the minds of me and my peers . . . .

Photo from an actual surveillance video of the subversive cell which briefly operated under the nom-de-song “Kingsmen,” playing the radical anthem known as “Louis Louie,” which sent a generation of American youth careening into years of frenzied group madness, bringing down western civilization as we knew it. The result was a catastrophe that ended, as some still recall, in the Great Tribulation known as Disco.

{If you have a really strong stomach, you can even watch a video of the song itself here.}

And aren’t you glad that all such pernicious foolishness by government agencies is all behind us now?

Me gotta go now . . .

Hat tip to George Amoss for passing it along.

One thought on “Finally: The TRUTH About “Louie Louie” & The FBI”

  1. And just to think, my taxes were paying for this “research” by my government. Granted, in the early sixties I was being paid as a graduate assistant or at the lowest rungs of academia.

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