From the “We Listen To It So You Don’t Have To” Department: Hello Boom-Boom!

cannonPublished: Mon Feb 22, 2010

Marines’ training at Fort Bragg to raise decibel levels around town

The noise level around Fort Bragg may increase when the Marines conduct their annual spring artillery training on Fort Bragg from March 1 to April 2.


“These units fire significant amounts of 155 mm ammunition, which can be associated with loud explosions and echoes upon detonation,” a statement from Fort Bragg said.

The visitors will bring two dozen 155 mm howitzers to Fort Bragg.

The Marines will comply with Fort Bragg requirements that prohibit firing all of their howitzers together between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. daily or from 10 a.m. to noon Sundays.

However, the Marines are allowed to fire fewer than 24 howitzers during these times.

“We realize the sound for this training may be bothersome to some, and we apologize for this,” said Tom McCollum, Fort Bragg spokesman.

“The Marines, like the Army units stationed here, have to train as they would fight, and one of the main advantages of the U.S. military is we can fight in all types of weather and around the clock. To restrict the Marines from firing at night would handicap their training, which may reduce their abilities to accomplish their combat missions.”

The training will give Fort Bragg soldiers a chance to see how the Marines operate and what their capabilities are.


Zen Koans of the day:

What is the sound of 23 howitzers going off at 3 AM?

Is this the true hidden meaning of “March Madness”??

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