God(DESS) Explains IRMA’S Track

“First of all, I pulled some punches with Cuba. Would’ve passed them by completely — the folks there have fer sure suffered enough from the stupid US boycott — but there’s still the official corruption.

And then Florida — which can’t be separated from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee & Mississippi. First of all, this is the absolute heartland of lynchings; a couple thousand at least, and if you think all that blood doesn’t still cry out like tinnitus in my ears every day, you’re deef as a post. 

Next, because I already whacked the Carolinas last year, and NC got enough of the message to elect a Dem guvnor & kinda “repeal” that HB (Hell Bill) Two. It was a start; but that loudmouth Franklin Graham is getting on my last nerve.

Anyway, also among the living, what a collection of pitiful excuses for “leaders”: from Florida’s dingbat denier Scott and that empty suit, two-legged tapedeck Rubio in Florida, to Alabama —

Do I really have to mention Jefferson Beauregard “DACA-Demolisher” Sessions? (Yes, can’t be helped.)

And their soon-to-be new U.S. Senator, double-disgraced “judge” Roy Moore (whose role in DC may be to make Rubio look almost smart by contrast).

Alabama’s Roy Moore, twice kicked off the state’s supreme court, now apparently headed for the U.S. Senate.

So then on to Memphis– and because of Elvis & Beale Street I’ll maybe ease up some there too.

But really, we’re talking about  the hometown of the old South’s biggest slave-seller, Nathan Bedford (“I also invented the KKK”) Forrest, whose statue still stands, almost as mean as life). It oughta be leveled; not to mention that Tennessee creepo the Orange Man wanted to put at the head of the Army? Come on.

Nathan Bedford Forrest statue, Memphis, with some updating.

And notice that I’ll make another right turn there, mostly sliding past St. Louis — but that’s only because of the Cardinals, not the beer. (You bet Ima baseball fan.)

Besides, I’ve gotta cut a slice out of McConnell’s Kentucky, and rinse off some of the stink from the counties where the Clerks are still pretending same sex marriage ain’t “Christian” (as if THEY would know).

And then it’s smack into Pence-diana, also the biggest stronghold of the Klan (which even sucked in lots of Hoosier Quakers) in its last big heyday, before this current one. (Could there be a connection between then & now? Do they make Square Donuts in Richmond?) Might even linger there awhile.

Richmond Indiana’s claim to fame. . . .

Now, I know some of you liberal crybabies are gonna be complaining — what about all the nice liberals trapped here and there along this route? Do they have to suffer too?

Look: just shut your pie holes and re-read the Book of Job; it’s all in there. (Or you could take Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s online course about it.)

But don’t make me explain anymore, or I’ll start tinkering with Jose.”

                                                                      — God(Dess)

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  1. I resent you claim jumping my latest hurricane, you overrated blow hard. We had an agreement wherein you delude yourself and your followers with the idea that their troubles are merely tests of character and I get the pleasure of torturing them by any means necessary. You have co-opted the of giving some of them the good stuff and let them call it “blessings” leaving me with added labor in getting them worship all that crap they collect so that I can sweep it away in various “acts of God.” I’m sick of you getting all the credit which is in violation of our original agreement. Let me remind you that while many your followers are merely deluded innocents, I have all the lawyers. I’ll see you in court.

    Lucifer Brimstone
    CEO Open Hearth Industries and Impurities

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