Goya is Hearing from its customers. But is it getting the message?

A Brief Editorial: Mr. Bob Unanue, president of Goya Foods, doesn’t quite get it.

He’s catching hell since visiting the White House and fawning over the president, talking about how we are “blessed” that his mainly Latino customers have a president who built his political rise on denigrating them in so many ways: building walls, caging children, and much more.

Nevertheless, as noted in The NYTimes, “In an appearance on Fox News on Friday, Mr. Unanue defended his comments.

“It’s suppression of speech,” he said, noting that in 2012 he was called to work with the first lady, Michelle Obama, on a different initiative that focused on helping families make healthy meal choices.

”So you’re allowed to talk good or to praise one president, but you’re not allowed, when I was called to be part of this commission to aid in economic and education prosperity and you make positive comment, all of the sudden that’s not acceptable,” Mr. Unanue said.”

Suppression of speech?

Well no, Mr. Unanue. Your statements weren’t suppressed at all. You spoke them openly, to a national audience, without interruption.

And a great many people heard them, clearly.

Now what you’re getting, sir, is not suppression, but backlash: a storm of repudiation and protest, particularly from a growing number of your soon-to-be ex-customers.

Smart companies, among which Goya was formerly numbered, value such consumer feedback. Indeed, they pay high prices to get it, listen    closely, and study it carefully.

You and Goya may pay a high price for this piece of historic feedback. We shall see if you learn its lessons, and make the appropriate adjustments.

Buena suerte, Señor.

Bob Unanue, center joins other Goya execs in demonstrating their products.

One thought on “Goya is Hearing from its customers. But is it getting the message?”

  1. So, Bob has a problem with scaling things for the moment, and, with understanding his audience. My days of buying his products are done until there is an apology that clearly tells me that he knows the difference between this presidency and ANY of the 44 previous presidencies. This is not about my desire to SUPPRESS his speech , it is about my desire to tell BOB that you can not speak about prayers to God in the same sentence you have your nose hairs anally implanted in the man who cages children, castigates brown people, and seeks to divide a nation so they will cow tow in fear and do your will.

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