Guilford College President Responds To “Endangered” Blog Post

Guilford College President Responds To “Endangered” Blog Post


As a regular visitor to Guilford College, undoubtedly you have witnessed the impact a liberal arts education rooted in Quaker values has on students. I think you would agree the world needs Guilford graduates more today than ever. That’s why we’re working overtime to make sure this important college not only survives but thrives for future generations.

Guilford president Jane Fernandes, center.

We grieve for our friends at Sweet Briar as they close their college. At Guilford, we are proactive. Recently, we took concrete steps to align our expenses with current and anticipated revenues. But that is only the first phase of a community-wide, multi-year effort that will include revenue-generating initiatives under new and inspired enrollment and marketing leadership. We have a powerful story to tell about student outcomes, and we will make a strong appeal to students and families who will benefit from a Guilford education and want to invest in it.

Here’s how you and others can help: Spread the word to high school students and their families about the life-transforming, Quaker-based liberal arts education available at Guilford College. Let them know we are working to make Guilford as affordable as possible, and that the value of the investment a family makes in this College results not only in graduates who are critical thinkers but in ones who are prepared for immediate employment or graduate school. By the way, our job placement rate for graduates is 85% according to our latest survey against a national average of 58%.

And for those who have both vision and means, support Guilford philanthropically. This, too, is a wise investment. If you believe in the value of Quaker education, support Guilford and schools like it. This is a way to ensure that this unique, valuable educational experience is available to students and their families for many years to come.

Chuck, you have dedicated your life to action for social justice. Help us inspire Quakers and others who care about Quaker education to preserve the best educational opportunity out there today!  Way will open.

Jane K. Fernandes


A Blogger’s Footnote: Much as I admire Guilford as a Quaker outpost, I’m not in a position to sign up as a college booster or promoter. I encourage ideas and discussion here (and elsewhere): Friends, what can make sure Guilford will “survive & thrive”?

2 thoughts on “Guilford College President Responds To “Endangered” Blog Post”

  1. But Chuck, you are already a promoter and booster by publishing this !! And I will think about putting this on my Facebook page as a start !

  2. I am a Guilford College graduate, Class of 61′, and I am devoted to Quaker liberal arts education!!! Quaker values, learned at Guilford, changed my life in EVERY way!!! Peace, justice, equity, simplicity, non-violence, environmental responsibility, et al. The world needs Friends values now more the ever!!! Advocate Quaker education relentlessly!!! Nothing better!!! Bruce Stewart, Guilford College ’61 Economics — Head Emeritus, Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC — Current address is Chattanooga, TN Retired.

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