In The Yard: Have I created a New Modern Art Form?

Last night, returning from an initial autumn shopping foray with the Fair Wendy, it was dark when she parked her white Bolt in the driveway.

I got out, and opened the back seat door for a bag. When it shut— Voilá! There before me was a new art form.

EVBolt Lamplight painting-09/2022
EVBolt streetlamp painting, Sept. 23, 2022, after dark.

At least, new to me: EV car door painting, by streetlamp

Sunpainting/rainbow, 2013

Longtime readers will recall I have often captured “sun paintings,” on the blank wall of the living room, mainly of silhouetted shrubs projected by sunlight thru the windows, images that last only a few minutes.

The Bolt now offers a new “canvas”.

The shrubs are on the edge of our free-range front yard; I don’t know their  names.

Hmmm. My house is barely a mile from Duke University’s big Nasher Art Museum. Over there they pride themselves on keeping up with the newest and latest. Maybe they’ll soon come knocking at the door.

But if they haven’t caught up with the EV Car Door Streetlamp school yet, I also have many pictures of our cat.


Or maybe I’ll just get a life.

One thought on “In The Yard: Have I created a New Modern Art Form?”

  1. It’s such a good idea! Get the sun painting happening, put a sheet of paper in the same place. Draw or paint around it, and sign it! Created by you and Sun!

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