Lewis On Bernie: “Didn’t see him. Never Met Him.”

Lewis On Bernie: “Didn’t see him. Never Met Him.”

Hello, Congressman John Lewis. You’re one of my heroes. A legend, an icon.  

Lewis On Bernie: "Didn't see him. Never Met Him."

I remember Selma, when they tried to kill you on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Whips, tear gas, clubs, horses. But you’re indestructible.

Yeah, I was in Selma too. In our ragtag civil rights army, you were a general. I was a grunt. So you didn’t see me, never met me.

That’s okay. Wasn’t about me. It was about you and Dr. King and the hundreds of heroes from Selma who made history there.

And I did my bit.

Lewis On Bernie: "Didn't see him. Never Met Him." 2
Selma, Alabama, February 1965. John Lewis announces plans to march to Montgomery after the police killing of Jimmie Lee Jackson. With him are Hosea Williams (left), and Andrew Young, (right), top staff for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I was there too.

I was honored just to stand on the same church steps behind you. And I was marching behind you when they took Jimmie Lee Jackson to his grave alongside Alabama Highway 14. Then in the back of the line when the march to Montgomery on Highway 80 started for real; and when you finished it on the steps of the Capitol.

I went on to other things. But you never stopped. Your work on The Hill is an ongoing inspiration.

And there were many others who took some part in the movement. Thousands. Including many white people, 

Bernie Sanders was one.


Bernie (right) with George Beadle (left), the president of the University of Chicago, during a CORE protest against housing discrimination in Chicago, probably 1962.

He did his bit in Chicago. Marching. Protesting. Got arrested. Chicago had plenty of segregation and racism  then. Still does, Lord knows.

I doubt there will ever be a monument to Bernie’s civil rights work there.  I haven’t heard him talk about it in much detail. Compared to yours it’s hardly heroic. But the record is available. 

Bernie did his bit too.

Just thought I’d mention it.





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  1. I love this story and the way it is told. I hope that John Lewis’ people have had a chance to pass this on to him.

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