John Lewis vs. Little Hands: Talk vs. Action

In light of recent events, permit me to share a photograph or two.

Selma, Alabama, March 1965. I stood on the church steps behind John Lewis, Hosea Williams & Andrew Young.

Then John & Hosea marched over the Pettus Bridge & were beaten & teargassed; John got his head busted, was almost killed. I got off easy.

John Lewis got up from his hospital bed and helped win voting rights for millions of Americans. He’s still fighting for those voting rights, which those who scoff & tweet are busy undermining.

John Lewis, foreground, after crossing the bridge, March 7, 1965.

And on that day, when hundreds including John & Hosea walked their talk through Selma, across the Pettus Bridge into the teeth of hate, where was the fool with the little hands who now says John Lewis was “all talk”?

He has said he was avoiding the draft & STDs. Is there any reason to doubt him?

But it all looks different from the bridge.

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3 thoughts on “John Lewis vs. Little Hands: Talk vs. Action”

  1. Good for you, Chuck. I’ll certainly share this, and I wonder if you have something to say about John Lewis’ continuing courage in standing up to Mr. Trump last week when he said in an interview that this man is not fit to be president, or words to that effect.

    1. Well, Judith, I don’t have much to add to that except to quote the old Quaker: “Friend speaks my mind . . .”

  2. Trump’s disrespectful comments have, perversely, inspired many people to want to know more about John Lewis. Lewis’s books have sold out in bookstores and on Amazon, where they ranked at 1, 2, 4, 12, and 16 when I checked earlier. May his courage and example inspire a new generation to share his commitment to justice and equality.

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