Meanwhile, In the State of North Car-oblivious . . .

We’re In The Yard, ignoring the slowly gathering overcast

Just Kitty & the Zinnias & the cactus fruit & me . . .






On the edges, two or three patches of Oxalis, one of my abiding favorites, is showing off. But they also know how to fold up & keep low when the weather comes. . . .


An increasing number of late roses are opening up, a I like the japonica as a frame — it’s a hardy bush which shows vivid green & yellow  year-round.












The morning glories are still a phenom. with three colors of blossoms on one vine. They’re still celebrating having overwhelmed everything else in this corner; but their days are numbered. And no matter what, neighbor Ms. Hazel’s flag is still flying, as always.






Hmmmm. My sense is the flowers & bushes are ready for a storm, in their way. But will the bottle tree make it through a tough weekend?
Bottle tree & table In The Yard 09-28-2022


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