Michael Cohen & Trump: Something a Bit Lighter

Michael Cohen accompanied Trump on a number of trips to Las Vegas.  A snippet from one such journey, from Disloyal:

Checking into the Vegas Trump Tower, I was summoned up to his suite to discuss the day’s events. Trump was in his underwear, white Hanes briefs, and a white short-sleeve undershirt, watching cable news on television. He barely seemed to register that it was unusual for a grown man to be in a state of undress in front of an employee, but there it was.

On this occasion, Trump was fresh from the shower and he hadn’t done his hair yet, as it was still air-drying. When his hair wasn’t done, his strands of dyed-golden hair reached below his shoulders along the right side of his head and on his back, like a balding Allman Brother or strung out old ’60s hippie.

I called his plane Hair Force One, for good reason. Trump doesn’t have a simple combover.

The operation was much more involved than a simple throw-over of what was left of his hair:

the three step procedure required a flop up of the hair from the back of his head, followed by the flip of the resulting overhang on his face back on his pate, and then the flap of his combover on the right side, providing three layers of thinly disguised balding-male insecurity.

The concoction was held in place by a fog of TREsemme TRES Two, not a high-end salon product. Flip, and then the flap of his combover on the right side,  providing three layers  of thinly disguised balding-male insecurity.

The real reason for the extravagant and obvious overcompensation for his baldness was vanity, and the desire to appear younger and more vigorous than he was. But there was another unknown reason: he was hiding unsightly scars on his scalp from a failed hair-implant operation in the 1980s.

That was the disfiguring operation that resulted in his furious “emotional rape” of his first wife Ivana, as she documented in a lawsuit in the early ’90s; like Samson, Trump believed his virility and image were harmed if he was seen to be losing his hair, or, even worse, injuring himself in an attempt to disguise male-pattern balding. If Trump  let strangers see the red sores on his scalp, he would appear to be vulnerable, even pitiable, not the unstoppable sex-god alpha-male  billionaire  he wanted  to  present to the world-and himself.

With Trump ready for the night’s festivities in Vegas, we made our way to the party . . . .

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7 thoughts on “Michael Cohen & Trump: Something a Bit Lighter”

    1. The best? I’m not sure. But it seem very welcome, as the response of hundreds of Friendly readers indicates. Though some may feel otherwise.

  1. Thanks for these. It all reinforces my diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, DSM 301.81
    Jim Miller
    Camas Friends Church

  2. I am not at all surprised by this “reveal”. Those with eyes can easily see that “The Emperor has No … Hair” LOL. You could also have referred to the story of Samson, who lost his powers when his hair was removed while he slept.

    “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is one of my favorite stories. to read in First Day Class whenever I can. Notice that all the Adults were quiet about what they saw. The adults new he had no clothes but did not have the courage to say it out loud. . It took a child to tell the truth. Children are fearlessly honest questioners and observers. Unless people beat and or shame them out of it.

    Thanks, Chuck, for giving me the opening to share a lesson that even some Friends seem to hear.

    “The Truth shall make you Free!:

    1. Hmmm. Seemed to me, Free, that this [wannabe] emperor has TOO MUCH hair, but in the wrong places, and especially when humidity and/or wind disrupt its daily architecture.

    2. Actually, it wasn’t the loss of his hair that led to Samson’s loss of strength but his BELIEF that his strength was tied to his hair!

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