More Philly Turmoil: Two Documents in the PYM Budget Battle

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Many thanks to the sources up north who have passed on these items. Keep the cards and letters (and memos) coming!

Medicaid-Budget-CutsA Friendly Letter has recently obtained a copy of the original “confidential” document listing planned staff cuts (described as a “realignment”) and the projected budget savings they are supposed to yield for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. This document, which is now being widely discussed, is online here as a PDF. It confirms our earlier reporting, and proposes to save around a half million dollars in PYM spending by layoffs and cutbacks.


We have also received a copy of a strong response to the budget proposal. This rejoinder comes, not from Young Adult Friends, but from the Support and Outreach Working group. It names names, and challenges both the specifics of the budget plan, the process by which it was developed, and the propriety of the entire venture. It is online here, in full, also as a PDF.

budget cuts

The PYM Interim Meeting (the decision-making body for the group between annual sessions) is set to take up the proposal this coming Saturday (Seventh Day in proper Quaker lingo), Fourth Month (April) 9. Should be a very interesting session.

Army budget cuts

Hmmm. Looks like even the army is worried about budget cuts. Who knew?

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