OMG! It Hit The Fan This Week!

OMG! It Hit The Fan This Week!

Sheesh! I  go out of town for a couple of weeks, and good grief — it hits the fan. Several fans, actually. Let’s consider just a few: 

The Hill  reported that “President Obama on Thursday warned Democrats against adopting a “Tea Party mentality” that could lead to deep divisions within the party and harm its chances of winning national elections. 

S---Hits-FanFollowing the rise of the Tea Party and Donald Trump, Obama said infighting within the Republican Party is much worse than it is on the Democratic side. 

But he urged his party’s voters to be mindful of that danger in the midst of a heated primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.”

From here in our little corner of the land, another report was heard, namely mine: 

Bernieacs warned Obama against adopting the traditional “Suckers, you got nowhere else to go” mentality: the Dem Party better make some serious space for the Bernie issues if they want to avoid a November debacle.

Like a rebooting of student loans, total protection of Social Security/Medicare, a real infrastructure rebuilding/jobs program, and — oh, yes — something about the megabanks, the ones that your admin has treated as too big to fail, too big to jail and too big to even curtail.

(Then there’s some more stuff about the war machine, an end to jailing whistleblowers, and such. Did I forget to mention closing Gitmo?)

Politics is the art of the deal, Bro. So by the end of the primary season, there better be a deal in the works here.

Not the old New Deal. We’re looking for A Better Deal; and The Real Deal.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is one of the very few journalists out there who seems to (occasionally) get it as to what Bernie Sanders is really after in his campaign, and what his supporters are calling for. And the crux of it was voiced in a tense exchange between Bernie and Chris Mathews, and then analyzed by Rachel in this short, pithy video clip.

And then the Boston Globe heaved a whole dumpster full of poop at the fan in its Sunday, April 9 edition:

Boston Globe Goes Daily News On Trump With Fake Front Page

The issue features a second “Front Page,” which is dated a year from now; it’s a “satire,” but a dead-serious one. Read about it at the link, and you can see the whole page there. (A chunk of it is here, but doesn’t do it justice.)

A headline below the fold announces “New Libel Law Targets ‘Absolute Scum’ in Press”; it seems the Globe absolutely wants to be at the front of the target line. Riveting.


And Oh, The SHAME of It! Another big fan was spinning in New York City’s Town Hall Saturday night. And the stuff was splattered in a distinctly southern direction. And alas, the bathroom humor allusions were all too, er, apt.

That is, North Carolina became a splatteree, a punch line on Garrison Keillor’s nationally-broadcast Prairie Home Companion Saturday night: 

Garrison Keillor - 1 – Version 2In their “Guy Noir Private Eye” skit, a transgender woman who needed to travel to the Tarheel state from New York City, sought advice from the gumshoe about use of, um, facilities while in the jurisdiction. Noir’s counsel had to do with limiting intake of liquids. 

Har, har, y’all. Yes, it was every bit as cringeworthy — but alas, deserved–as one could imagine.

(And if you’ve been under a rock and don’t get it, google NC HB2, and all will be revealed. But be prepared to duck.)

If Guy Noir (Kevin Kline, right), can’t help you get the joke, try Dusty & Lefty (Woody Harrelson & John C. Reilly, left). From the late great Robert Altman movie, “A Prairie Home Companion”.

And if all this mess somehow missed you, don’t worry — Monday will be here soon.

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