Spring CIA Torture Cleanup In NC April 20, 2013

This is Allyson Caison, whose brilliant brainchild it was to have our NC Stop Torture Now group adopt the highway in front of Aero Contractors in Smithfield.

Cleaning Up Torture in North Carolina

In Spring a (not so) young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of . . . cleaning up the legacy of torture taxi flights from North Carolina. On April 20, 2013, that meant heading out to Smithfield, where a CIA front company called Aero Contractors is barricaded at the Johnston county Airport behind high fences and heavy security.

There I gathered with a dozen or so other steadfast activists, and we went to work. Here are some photos, with explanatory captions.

 Aero is a CIA front company that has long been involved in the “torture taxi” business, as disclosed by numerous investigations.

The Motley Anti-Torture Crew gathers
And here’s some of the crew that gathered to make good on our pledge, from left: Christina Cowger, Steve Newsom, Directo or Quaker House in Fayetteville NC, and Peggy Misch of Carrboro.

Aero Contractors, Smithfield NC, company signAnd here’s Aero’s company sign, in a photo snapped several years ago, which is now well-concealed by several high fences and this woods.

NC Torture map
This map shows where Smithfield is in North Carolina.

More of the Torture Trash cleanup Crew at Aero Contractors in Smithfield NC
And More of the crew: at center is Lynn Newsom, Co-Director of Quaker House

Getting Into the Weeds to Clean Up Torture in NC
Getting Into The Weeds to Get The Trash. There was plenty.

A Trunk Full of Torture Trash outside Aero Contractors in Smithfield NC
This is just part of the haul — the crew filled something like 20 bags full.

Three Strong Backs to Clean Up Torture in North Carolina

Even Your Humble Scribe got a bagfull.
Even Your Humble Scribe Got a Bag Full . . .

NC Stop Torture Now Sign - Smithfield NC
There’s more trash to clean up. And as yet, there’s been no accountability for the “War On Terror” torture program that was the ultimate goal of this cleanup effort. So as the sign indicates, we’ll be back.
For more on Aero Contractors and its torture flights, go here and here and here.

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