Spy Story of the Day, Maybe

A friend was on the line, demanding “WTF?? (What’s This, Friend?), about your senior North Carolina US Senator, Richard Burr, and his subpoena for DJ Junior??” (Normally Burr is a reliable rightwing Republican vote.)

Sen. Richard Burr, in seasonal costume.
Good question. So I consulted my (maybe) reliable intel speculator and here’s an excerpt from what came back, tied to the leg of a carrier pigeon, from he who will be dubbed 007:
From Politico’s report:
“Burr has been a complex figure in the long-running investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. He’s skipped events with Trump to maintain the appearance of neutrality, yet also was cited in the Mueller report for apparently briefing White House officials on the FBI’s Russia probe. Burr reportedly helped the administration knock down stories about links between the Trump campaign and Russia, yet also maintained unity on his committee while the House Intelligence panel self-destructed amid partisan acrimony.”

OO7’s take:

So Burr is adept at playing the double agent. But in my view he has been a tool of the spooks above (or below) all. (After all, they’re big, if low profile, in his state.) Also, he’s lazy, doesn’t talk to voters and rarely to the press, and says he won’t run for re-election.
But note that he worked hardest in his earlier terms to kill the Intel Committee’s landmark torture report (the one Dianne Feinstein launched). Burr actually seemed to break a sweat: — he tried to sink the probe before it started, opposed it nonstop for all the years, then when it was done tried to kill any release, and almost succeeded.
For me, that’s the tell.

So here I ask myself: what spook outfit would want to harass the godfather? (First guess: all of them, because he’s sidelined & made fools of them from the jump.)

And how could they do that, with decent cover?

Now recall the convenient fact that apparently Junior lied like a rug (as did so many others) when he was at the Intel Committee before. So in some cubbyhole at Langley, or wherever, the light went on:
Burr -Voilà!
Of course, the smart money says that Junior will ignore this piece of paper and they won’t really come after him (remember: Burr is lazy), so it’s kind of just for show.

Maybe so.

 But stand by for updates.
Thine truly,

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