Surveying the Damage: Counting the Cost of a Corrupted Court


This image is a fantasy: the Court is far from “done” — just taking a summer break. And I’m not even sure that “You can COME OUT now” is safe advice anymore. . . .

Here’s only one of the reasons . . . and a part of the agenda that is far from being “done.”


A Preview of Coming Attractions: just say it’s against MY religion to serve YOU, and I’m in, you’re Out. By God.
The Dissenters had the best lines this year, but were woefully under-represented in cartoon punditry. We’ll try to remedy that, acting affirmatively. Here’s one I bet Justice Sotomayor had flashbacks to this term . . . .


Star of the show, in my book: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson might be outvoted now, but her day will come.
And you look just right, KBJ; not right wing.
But hey– let’s not get all hot under the collar about the court. I mean it’s SUMMER, time to kick back, time to party and– time to keep cool, if we can?
Or maybe you’re involved in some summer school post-pandemic catchup classes — you know, Fifth Amendment law for teachers, managing lockdown panic attacks, teaching American history without any upsetting, um, facts, (not to mention, exploring other career paths . . .)

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