Take An End-of-Summer Break: Read Quaker Mysteries

Take An End-of-Summer Break: Read Quaker Mysteries

The Long Wait Is Over:

Murder Among Friends, published in 1991, was my first mystery.  It sold out two printings, and many have asked about it. Now it’s BACK, in paperback and Kindle. 

A killer rewrites the agenda of a quiet Quaker conference in old Virginia.

The goal was peacemaking between evangelicals and liberals. But then a rightwing televangelist turns up dead, and a gay Quaker activist is the prime suspect. Militants from all sides gather . . . and suddenly, amid old Civil War monuments, Friends are thrust onto the front lines of a deadly new kind of civil war . . . 

 As a reporter, I’ve covered many battlefronts in the current “culture wars.” And as readers of this blog know, the real-life drama just keeps on coming. And it makes for compelling fiction too.

“I never suspected a Quaker mystery could be such a page turner. Great fun.”
-–Mark Hulbert, Publisher, Hulbert Financial Digest

“. . . an intoxicating witches’ brew of sexual politics and unFriendly intrigue . . . Prophetic and scary!”
-– Alan Pell Crawford, author, Thunder On The Right

And there’s MORE:

It’s Back! The exciting 1995 Quaker mystery, Un-Friendly Persuasion –now in paperback & for Kindle

Perry Adams, failed academic turned mailman, suddenly finds himself caught in a web of sex, a million-dollar mail theft, a congressional fraud investigation – and murder.
Can Lemuel Penn, a plain Quaker apple grower, rescue him? 
And can Penn do it without applying some distinctly Un-Friendly Persuasion?

“I warmly recommend this book to all our readers who like history with their mystery.”
-–Mystery Books, Bryn Mawr PA

“You might be exasperated by this concept, or curious about the plot or curious about the plot or thoughtful about the issues raised here. But once you’ve begun, this is a difficult book to put down.”
-–The Canadian Friend

“To anyone who knows their 300-year old tradition of rejecting violence, the term ‘a Quaker mystery’ is a delightful oxymoron.”
-–The Huntsville (Alabama) News


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