The Coup is underway — Jan. 6, 2020

A long, long time ago — Wednesday morning — I thought January 6 would be a historic day of celebration.

After all, when I finally fell into bed, well after Tuesday midnight, Democrats were on the cusp of flipping the U. S. Senate, and that was Big with a capital B.

And sure enough, I heard somewhere yesterday that the flip had come  to pass, and it was, or should turn out to be, Big.

But even tho it’s still true, and Big, and the sun has since crossed the sky and faded in dusk behind bare trees, I’m not yet in a celebrating mood.

Err, don’t I know you guys? Wait—don’t tell me. You’re from Florida. No? Alabama? Somewhere near Charleston? Oh well, it’ll come to me.

It’s been, to put it mildly, a distracting, eventful day. A day that has, as Winston Churchill  once said of the Balkans, produced much more history than it could comfortably consume. And as I write, it’s a day that’s far from over.

Shortly after 1 PM, while the flip was still wrapping up, I looked up and something else had begun, something that drove it completely out of my awareness.

For Updates, scroll down . . .





Guns were drawn . . .















3:40 pm . . . . A cop was reported among the injured so far  . . . No numbers yet.  . . . Chaos continues. National Guard from DC & VA reported on the way . . . DC  mayor sets curfew for 6 PM . . .

But the White House Grift Never Ends . . . .  Even as the coup proceeded, another White House fund appeal went out

Lolling at the Speaker’s desk.


The cops & national guard finally showed up in force and reclaimed the capital and its grounds, at least for now. Then shortly after 8 PM, Congress got back to work, certifying the 2020 presidential & vice presidential election results.

If they get that done, peaceably, then maybe that will be something to celebrate.

Or maybe not. The coup attempt was incited by more than one high official. And as the mob at length began to scatter and Representatives and Senators  emerged from hiding, more than one was quoting from the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment, a section not often repeated. Here it is:




3 thoughts on “The Coup is underway — Jan. 6, 2020”

  1. Now that the Reichstag fire has been attempted in DC, its time for Nurenberg style trials to held with respect to these modern day Nazis , including Hawley, Cruz, Ivanka, Meadows,and der FUhrer himself-Donald Trump

    1. It’s understandable that you sincerely desire to not have to go through the years between The Reichdags Fire and The Nuremberg Trial.

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