Top Ten Reasons Why This Berniac Is Happy Today:

Top Ten Reasons Why This Berniac Is Happy Today:

10. Because all the smart Beltway people were “sure” Bernie would NEVER get anywhere.


9. Because most of those same people still think he didn’t get anywhere–and they look & sound even Lame-er and sillier.

8. Because the chances of beating Trump are now better than they were yesterday.

7. Because the chances of flipping the Senate are also better.

6. Because ditto the House.


5. Because Bernie’s impact on the Dems’ platform has started conversations which will move toward big shifts on some key issues.

4. Because Bernie returns to the Senate and he’s now a real player.

3. Because he won’t give up on the issues the DNC didn’t move on (e.g., the Likud Occupation)

2. Because Ted Cruz returns to the Senate & he’s –still Ted Cruz.

1. And because if Hillary wins, Bernie & the rest of us will all be On Her Case


1.1.  Because I forgot about the Supreme Court.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  I’m reading some of the anguished/angry posts by folks who think Bernie “sold out” & “betrayed” them.
They leave me puzzled: did these folks not hear him say, in debates & interviews, that he would support HRC if she won? I’m sure I Saw/heard him say that, several times. Now he’s kept his word. Sure, he still differs with her on many issues, and he didn’t say otherwise today.
But he’s been a professional legislator for nearly 30 years, and in that job, he has had to aim for incremental changes, moving toward large goals by inches, or even millimeters. Compromise; half a loaf, even half a slice — that’s been his daily grind. And maybe he’s made mistakes along the line.

But from what I know of him, in this campaign, he’s won many “slices,” and Tuesday’s action was quite consistent, and maintains what I regard as his integrity.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why This Berniac Is Happy Today:”

  1. Friend speaks my mind! The key is not to stop working on the issues. No matter what happens in this election, we must keep on keeping on.

  2. Here’s a comment from Diana Egly, which for some reason wouldn’t post:

    Hi Friend. I could not get this posted in the comments section of A Friendly Letter. So I’m sending those comments in a message to you here on facebook! I am one of those people who are disappointed that Bernie endorsed Hillary before the primary and before she was the candidate (not just presumed to be). While I clearly heard him say that he would both endorse her and work hard to get her elected, I also heard him very clearly saying that he would not do so before the convention.

    He has conceeded.

    I can imagine reasons that he may be breaking his word. Many possibilities. I wait and watch. For now.

    “It isn’t over until it is over.” I am not sure what will happen at the GOP Convention. Trump is not getting Republican Party to unite.

    Also because aalthough the FBI cleared Hillary of criminal charges, the State Department put off its investigation which is now in progress. We do not yet know the results of that.

    At least we have Elizabeth Warren.

    This election year I believe most adamantly that we do not know what twists and turns are yet ahead.

    It isn’t over until it’s over.

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