Ukraine, Oil & A New European Antiwar Movement?

[NOTE: A couple of wars ago, I often fantasized about some kind of fusion between antiwar and environmental activism. Didn’t happen then. Could it be starting now, catalyzed by the Ukraine invasion?]

New York Times: New Brand of Activist Takes Aim at Ukraine War and Climate Crisis, Together

Led by young women from Eastern Europe, they are cornering Europe’s leaders and pressing them for a total energy embargo on Russia — to end the fighting and to save the planet.


Protesters in May at Schuman Square in Brussels pushing for a total ban on Russian energy. The woman shouting into a megaphone is Dominika Lasota, who has emerged as a protest leader.

BRUSSELS — Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, had just finished a speech at a major conference on Europe.

While he lingered onstage, soaking up adulation and taking pictures with fans, little did he know that two young women in the back of the room were eying him closely.

“There are no metal barriers,” Dominika Lasota whispered. “Now’s our chance.”

She and her activist comrade, Wiktoria Jedroszkowiak, stood up fast. They clicked on a camera. They marched right up to Mr. Macron, who greeted them with a charming smile, apparently thinking all they wanted was a selfie.

But then they blasted him with questions about a controversial new pipeline in Uganda (which the French oil company Total is helping build) and the war in Ukraine.

2 thoughts on “Ukraine, Oil & A New European Antiwar Movement?”

  1. It’s wonderful to see young people with the energy to correct my generation’s mistakes.
    Can anything be worse for the environment than war’s intentional destruction of it?
    With that in mind I naively approached the Sierra Club’s office in Saratoga Springs NY with an invitation to join the Saratoga Peace Alliance to lobby against the invasion of Iraq.
    I was met with a distinctly cold shoulder; I always wondered if that organization feared the loss of donors who favored going to war.
    Not long after, the US did invade Iraq, with disastrous consequences for the environment and much else.
    So it’s heartening to read about these young people advocate for the environment and peace, so closely connected. They are so much smarter than we were.

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