Vote Suppression for Breakfast: North Carolina

Trouble at home:

I didn’t sleep well last night. And then I woke up on election day in a battle zone.

This morning, Durham election officials “discovered” that their voting computers “failed.” So they’ll have to turn to searching through paper records for the voters lining up outside their doors. This will slow down voting and lengthen lines and wait times.

Live from NC It’s: Voter Suppression!


You may know that fights over the suppression of black  & other minority votes in North Carolina have been ongoing, since the Supreme Court Shelby decision cut the heart out of the Voting Rights Act.

The federal courts have been striking down the Reactionary Republican state government’s vote suppression laws with some frequency this year.

But striking down the laws, and actually eliminating vote suppression are two different processes. 

County voting boards are under the control of the party which controls the state government. And many have worked to evade court orders every step of the way.

jimcrow-riot-1I live in Durham, which is a city and a county. It’s a largish county, with about 300,00 population. It’s the most heavily Democratic of NC’s 100 counties. In 2012 its citizens cast 109,000 votes for Barack Obama, about a 75% margin. (Romney won NC by 97000 votes)

I already voted, on the first day of early voting, October 20. (Early voting was one of the targets of vote suppression, which the courts largely restored.) So did many others.


But of course, today is V-Day, last chance, bottom line. Polls here say the big races are tight; no argument here. So all the stops are out.

I hadn’t planned on blogging today. But watch for updates.



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