Wichita YAF Watch: This Stuff Is Getting Old

Wichita YAF Update: Well, there have now been two responses to the posts here questioning ground rules at the Memorial Day conference, here and here. In both, the one specific “rebuttal” was a disparaging reference to my age. (Which is 67, for the record.) Geezer Point taken, guys. What else ya got?

One thought on “Wichita YAF Watch: This Stuff Is Getting Old”

  1. I did not directly give a rebuttal… but, I will in brief. Young adults have dress codes all the time. People tell us what to say, how to say it… that we must smile, or that we are forbidden to smile. Submitting to rules is our way of life — yes, many of us think its silly… but we submit. We do not feel bound to silly rules when we leave the environment that requires them. This attitude is common to young people who eat and sleep under a roof.

    A set of rules were made to make YAF a safe place — no sex means no one will be trying to hook up…. and no one should complain of sexual harassment because there is a misunderstanding. I have been in workplaces before — rules about expressing sexuality are always strict to protect the employer from lawsuits. I am not surprised.

    It also means none of MY graybeards will say that it is an orgy. Asking married people to make the same sacrifice — one of just a short time… like most of the silly rules we follow. In this case — married couples (and people in other committed relationships) are making the same sacrifice as everyone else — it is draconian, yes, but… no one can complain that it is unfair as it is a universal standard.

    My main concern with you (Chuck) is that you are overly concerned that consenting adults might NOT be having sex.

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