Bombshell: Bob Dylan Is A WHAT???

Bombshell: Bob Dylan Is A WHAT??!!??


Okay, so it doesn’t surprise me a bit that at 73, Bob Dylan gives the first exclusive interview about his umpty-umpth new album,  “Shadows In The Night,” to the AARP Magazine.

After all, he is 73. AND the album is all songs that were made famous, or at least performed, by none other than the original “Ol’ Blue Eyes,” Frank Sinatra.

[Sinatra. For the rest of you, Sinatra was a singer, often called a crooner,  who rose to fame in the 1940s, surrounded by screaming teenagers, Beatle- like — Errr, or  maybe Justin Bieber. Whoever that is. Sinatra kept performing until shortly before his death in 1998.}

Sinatra fans in 1943.


Anyway, there’s lots of good chatter and trivia in this new Dylan interview. But there’s one item that was not only new to me, but made my jaw drop: Dylan is a WHAT?!?!

Bobbie-n-joanieAnd no, it’s not about Joan.

[Joan Baez. A folksinger who rose to fame in the early 1960s . . . . ]

Nor is it about any criminal behavior. I found plenty of pictures of him smoking demon tobacco, but that poison is “legal.

Well, THIS one turned up, but look — he’s not smoking or snorting anything. Besides, Luciano Skye & Diamond was a well-known entertainment law firm Back in the Day. . . .

Still, it was stunning. And I’ll leave it to you to either guess, or read the interview and figure it out.

Shouldn’t be hard: the thing jumped up and whacked me right upside the head.

Note sure about this album cover design, but I DON’T think it’s supposed to show him behind bars . . . .




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