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Breaking: Kellyanne Conway & the “Bowling Green Massacre” are Back


[Update, May 2022: So, the book we’ve all (not) been waiting for is about to arrive: Here’s the Deal  by former top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, will go on sale May 24.
The Washington Post has an advance copy and says it’s semi-packed with such (non) blockbuster revelations as— well, she thought Jared was rather egotistical, and . . . and she didn’t much like the press. (Who knew??)
The Post, however, didn’t say whether the book would take us back to the media episode that guaranteed Conway a permanent niche in the Annals of B. S. History.

I refer, of course, to the unforgettably legendary “Bowling Green Massacre.”

It still stands alongside her other Polished Poop emoji for her initial classic pronouncement, within hours of her boss’s inauguration, that the USA had now entered the Age of “Alternative Facts.” (Which was, we can now see, one of the truest public statements she ever made.)

To do justice, of a sort, to Conway’s publishing landmark, we’re re-posting our own tribute to the victims of that event, from February 4, 2017, complete with the original headline . . . .]

But first, a reminder for those who went blank after Cofveve, from the ever-faithful Wikipedia:

The “Bowling Green massacre” is a fictitious incident of Islamist terrorism mentioned by Kellyanne Conway, then–Counselor to the President of Donald Trump, in interviews with Cosmopolitan and TMZ on January 29, 2017, and in an interview on the MSNBC news program Hardball with Chris Matthews on February 2, 2017. Conway cited it as justification for a travel and immigration ban from seven Muslim-majority countries enacted by United States President Donald Trump. However, no such massacre occurred.”]

From A Friendly Letter, Feb. 4, 2017:

Quit Piling On About the “Bowling Green Massacre.”

That’s very good advice. After all, everybody makes mistakes, and this time, mirabile dictu, it was even admitted, eventually.

So shouldn’t we forgive and forget, show compassion, and move on?? I mean, it’s become an indelible part of our history now.

Yes, this is all excellent advice, which I fully intend to follow.

Starting tomorrow; or thereabouts.

But today, I can resist anything but temptation. Even this tender admonition failed to  move me:

I mean, after all: if they had a candlelight memorial right there at the site Thursday night, can we do any less, in our own feeble way?

And offer tribute to the way the heart-stopping live coverage brought out the very best in our finest media veterans . . .

Including the incredible coverage of the work of the first responders . . .

How could we not join with the others in their tributes?

And the selfless rush to bring aid to survivors and families:

Let’s join the chorus that demands swift and determined justice for those responsible:

And cheer on the local historians who have important tragic details to add:

So, sure. Tomorrow all this goes down the Memory Hole. But fear not — another week also starts tomorrow. And I’m sure they’re ready for us.