Flash: FCNL Taps Diane Randall as New Executive Secretary

In an email sent out widely today, FCNL announced the selection of Diane Randall as the choice to succeed retiring Executive Secretary Joe Volk.
Diane Randall

Who is Diane Randall? Currently she is Executive Director of the Partnership for Strong Communities, a Connecticut non-profit organization “that engages civic and political support to solve homelessness, create affordable housing and develop strong, vibrant communities,” according to its website.

Randall describes her personal and spiritual journey in more detail here.

Great Quaker Turnover

Randall’s selection will be submitted to the FCNL annual meeting next month for formal approval.

In an earlier post, your correspondent nominated FCNL staffer Bridget Moix as a candidate.

Puzzlingly, FCNL’s Clerk Dorsey Green wrote in the email that,

While we feel that sharing this information one-on-one with others in the Friends community who are close supporters of FCNL is a part of our practice of transparency and openness about this process, please refrain from broadcasting the news on email listservs or making general announcements to Friends everywhere about Diane. We seek to maintain the integrity of the process and provide the General Committee with the opportunity to discern its leading when we gather in November

Sorry, Dorsey Green, you sent the email to me among others. I’m indeed a fan of FCNL, but sharing information is what I’m about, so I’m not taking any vow of silence. I’m pleased to share this information with whoever wants to read and ponder and comment on it.

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