More: Big Change for Small Change: Baltimore Yearly Meeting & FUM — Part 2

Part IV

(Dear reader, this last post will not likely make much sense if you’re unfamiliar with those that came before. Part i is here; then Part II is here; and Part III is here. )

So, once more into the breach. On the Proposed Minute that’s coming before Baltimore YM this weekend on BYM sending money to FUM:

Bottom line: why should BYM send FUM the money?

If I had to make the case for doing so, especially if I was determined to be fair to the concerns which produced the witness since 2004, rather than denying, denigrating and discounting them, here’s what it would be.

(Keep in mind, this is for the sake of discussion only; I’m not certain if I agree.) But watch closely, drafters, or you’ll miss it:

BYM’s financial witness to FUM since 2004 has been a huge success. While there’s still much work to do, it has accomplished enough to be laid down without losing the momentum for positive change.

Got that?

So simple. So concise. And respectful. Even logical.

Try repeating it three times; out loud it’s only nine seconds long.

Again, I’m not sure I agree with this. But it’s clear. It’s scrubbed of all the demeaning balderdash. It makes sense.

So really, it could work.

And still leave time for that party.

Don’t forget the funny hats.

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