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In The Yard: Our Flowery May Day Demonstration

In many parts of the world, May 1 is Labor Day, a holiday, and observances typically have a noticeably leftwing or socialist character.

But the U. S. Doesn’t recognize such subversive notions, preferring its very tame beer-hotdogs-and-baseball version in September. (That’s Labor — excuse me, Labour Day — in Canada also; I mistakenly thought that was their Thanksgiving Day, but they’ve slotted that in for the second Monday of October. I’ve also long believed that occasion is secretly focused on giving thanks that Canada’s long southern border remains yet unbreached from below since the War of 1812, which, by the way, they won.) Continue reading In The Yard: Our Flowery May Day Demonstration

Academic Tenure Will Soon Be Gone — Unless . . .


[NOTE: one scholar cited here says that the number of tenured professors ballooned after World War II, when more Amerians, especially veterans, went to college, got advanced degrees and stayed on to teach.

Today, student body numbers are falling, but grad schools keep churning out new PhDs. So  there’s a glut, too many carrying big debt loads, faced with vanishing tenure prospects and exploitive work conditions. Because most are also more or less liberal, this makes the academy an easy target in the culture wars. Continue reading Academic Tenure Will Soon Be Gone — Unless . . .

Breaking: Amazon & Starbucks Workers To Strike in the U. K. & U. S.

Labor action on both sides of the Atlantic

CNBC — DEC 16 2022

Amazon workers will go on formal strike for the first time in the UK

Ryan Browne

Employees at Amazon’s Coventry warehouse in central England voted Friday to go on strike.
It will be the first legally mandated strike to take place in the U.K.
The walkout will add to the wave of industrial action happening across the U.K.

Hundreds of Amazon workers will go on strike, Britain’s GMB union said Friday, marking a first for the company’s employees in the U.K. Continue reading Breaking: Amazon & Starbucks Workers To Strike in the U. K. & U. S.